About QTN

    “Quantum TECH Networks” was created on October 2013. Started by Sasa Beslic as small and exciting en-devour. Company is based on basic principles of Communication, Simplicity and Trust. Communication between client and technician is building block for great and long business relationship. Technology is complicated so we have to keep it as simple as we can. Last but not least is transparency of all the services we provide that builds trust.

    When you grow so much that you need help of professional IT company, or when you make a decision to outsource your IT needs, or you are just not happy with what you have, call, and information will be provided to you that will help you make a better decision for your company in field of technology. 




PS: I dedicate my achievements to my great life partner Claudia, and my kids: Frida, Ana, and (the greatest gentlemen) Diego !!!



Thank you.